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From the Founder

Hello and Thank you for visiting my website, I’m Jerry Wade, Founder of On Point Strategic.

Back in 2005 I entered the financial services industry and it all became clear to me that I was meant to work in this industry. I recognized I was talented at envisioning and planning for the future and knew I needed to pass this along to others in the community. For 14 years I was part of a very successful team and in 2019 I created On Point Strategic Planning, LLC in order to further my vision. The vision of creating a firm that was bigger than myself and that will be able to carry on after I am gone.

So, what does it mean to be On Point? If you look up the meaning you will find the following: relevant and appropriate to a certain subject that is being discussed as a former military veteran who has proudly served his country, being On Point has a different meaning: "on point" to refer to taking the first position, leading a patrol, to be ready for action, able to take the lead, achieving a high goal, striving for perfection in whatever the endeavor, whatever the subject matter. It can apply to Financial Services as well.

When choosing a financial advisor, you want an individual with that mindset to be the one looking out for you and your future. In former careers after the military I was in the Nuclear Power, Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical industries. In each one of my previous careers I was either following procedures or creating procedures for people to follow – similar to the financial world. I realized how closely-knit financial planning and my previous experiences were; creating routines (investing), planning for the unexpected (saving), and protecting yourself (insurance).

On Point Strategic Planning truly looks to partner with our clients in ways beyond the traditional financial advisory services. If you need to be connected to services for your child with special needs, we can help point you in the right direction. If you’re a retired veteran who can’t find a job, we can put you in touch with someone. We have strategic alliances that fill the gaps for services On Point Strategic Planning does not provide.

We specialize in financial solutions for veterans, families, families that have dependents with special needs, and small business owners.

That’s why I created On Point – to go the extra mile for those who could truly use the guidance.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and share in my vision.

Jerry A Wade